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I'm currently an OO (Official Observer) for the ARRL as part of the volunteer program for the Utah Section.  These bits and pieces are posted just to give guidelines to other hams.  I pass no judgment upon any individuals listed herein, but have included the source of the information without alteration.  For more information about the ARRL OO Program, visit the ARRL homepage by clicking HERE.


The ARRL Letter...

Vol. 25, No. 14

April 7, 2006



The FCC has advised four Texas licensees to take an "ongoing dispute" off the Amateur Radio bands or face enforcement action. Special Counsel in the FCC Enforcement Bureau Riley Hollingsworth sent essentially identical warning letters February 28 to Luis A Caraballo, N7PLC, and Sharon E.

Millhouse, KC5PRX--both of Floresville, and to Thomas O. Caldwell, WD5GXH, and Gary Sheets, WD5FWP--both of San Antonio. Hollingsworth said the dispute has "led to allegations of slander and deliberate interference" on the ham bands.

"The Commission is not concerned with the merits, or lack thereof, of any dispute between you or of how you settle such disputes," Hollingsworth wrote, "but any use of amateur frequencies to carry on the dispute is contrary to Section 97.1 of the rules and will lead to enforcement action against the licenses of each of you."

Hollingsworth told ARRL that the personal squabble among the four radio amateurs has been going on for several years, eventually spilling over onto

2 meters. FCC efforts to resolve the dispute have been unsuccessful, he said, adding, "it's degrading the Amateur Service."

Sanctions could include license revocation or suspension as well as fines of up to $10,000, Hollingsworth warned. "We may also consider proceedings to restrict or remove the voice privileges of your licenses," he added, noting "this is the last warning you will receive before enforcement action is initiated."

Hollingsworth this week said he'd heard back from all but one of the individuals who received his letters, but only one reply was in writing. In a handwritten note, Sheets pledged to amend his attitude and practices.

Hollingsworth said he's awaiting written responses from the other three recipients.

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