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These links are provided only to make it easier to find the software or software sites.

All credit is due to the authors of these respective sites.  I have had no input or design of the linked sites or software.

VHF-UHF Logging Software (Downloadable here)  
VHF-DX LOGGING SOFTWARE (This program is no longer supported,
but it is a great VHF-UHF logging program, especially for ARRL contests.)
Note: If your system does NOT have the file "Grid32.OCX", the
file "GRID32.OCX" must be downloaded here first, unzipped,
and then copied and pasted  into your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder...
Download GRID32.OCX here  
DigiPan PSK 32 Software (Downloadable here)  
DigiPan version 1.7  (This is not the latest version, but version 1.7 offers dual channel receive).  This file is named
'digipan7.exe'.  This file is an executable and does not need to be unzipped.  All you have to do is right click, download
your computer, then double left click to install the executable file.  Your computer browser may warn you that you are
downloading an unsafe file, which is how most browsers view an ***.exe file.
DigiPan version 2.0  (This is latest version, and offers multiple [26?] channel simultaneous reception).  This file is a 'zip'
file.  You must download this to your computer then unzip the files to then install on your computer.  This file is named

Make Your Own QSL Software - All it takes is Windows© 95 or later
(Thanks to WB8RCR)
Check out his site! Note: This is freeware.

Generate your personalized Ham Radio Certificate

Take a look at this site.  It allows you to generate a beautiful ham radio license certificate.


Free online tool to build your own call sign certificate.
Courtesy of N4MC


Generate a new FCC look-alike certificate.

Free online tool to
generate an FCC "Look-Alike" certificate.

Courtesy of AE7Q

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